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Feb 19, 2013 5:00am EST
was motivated to kill more than entree andre. cnn spoke with the connecticut police about the media reports and authorities said they haven't determined a motive. lanza shot himself after killing 27 people in that december massacre. . a former johns hopkins gynecologists may have videotaped patients during exams. police say the doctor killed himself before they could get too far in to the investigation. his body was found at his towson home yesterday morning, he was a gynecologist at johns hopkins for 25 years. some patients have been identified as victims but police believe there could be more out there. he was fired earlier this month when he was accused of taping his patients. >> it makes you feel like you cap be safe even going to your doctor. office. you never know if they are being true to their job. >> johns hopkins set up a call center and patients are being offed counseling. the numb is there on your screen, 855-546-3785. do so today and tomorrow. police are working with a group turn around to set up another call center and that investigation is underway. . >>> effort to help disa
Feb 11, 2013 5:00am EST
this morning. a tornado riching through parts of mississippi sunday. this is video from one of cnn's eye reporters. they shot this from an apartment complex shor the tornado touched down a. number of officials in mississippi say three people have been injured and the storm has caused a significant amount of damage. the governor issue add state of emergency for four -- issued a state of emergency for four counties affected by the storm. >> you can see trees down, cars and homes damaged. debris everywhere. the storm also damaged several buildings at the university of southern mississippi and a high school. many of the homes were left without power. the university and the high school will be closed today. one other thing i was reading, the red cross is completely destroyed in that community. so that's going to be a big hassle for people there because that's who they rely on at times like this. >> right now we have severe weather to the south. major snow storms to the north book ending us. what do we have? >>> we have the rain right now. this is the second storm bringing the severe weather t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2